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Everest Security Spy Products
1. Audio Recorders and Eavesdropping Devices
1.1 GT – 001
GT – 002
GT – 006
GT – 047
Digital Voice Recorder – Hidden in Key Chain
Mini voice recorder only 40 X 15 X 8 mm in size! Battery Life: 150 Hours for regular record / 10 days in voice activated mode. We also supply a unique key chain for concealing.
Tiny 150 Hours –
Tiny 300 Hours –
Tiny 600 Hours –
Tiny 1200 Hours –
1.2 DT – 016
Stereo Digital Voice Recorder
This voice recorder high quality stereo audio single from two external microphones on built – in flash memory. It is powered by the rechargeable battery with 120 MAH capacity, which can be charged from USB port of a PC, Memory capacity varies from 128 MB to 2Gb, depending on the modification of the recorder. The stereo DVR is best for quality recording on meetings where all the parties of the conversation are speaking on the same level.
Tiny 37 Hours –
1.3 GT – 029
Extra Slim Tiny Digital Voice Recorder The Slimmest voice recorder in the world, only 3.5mm. Due to the latest audio recording technologies and special design these devices provide high quality recording, long lasting recording time and the long battery life. Despite their tiny dimensions the DVRs Edicmini exceed technical parameters of many famous brands of original voice recorders. Designed to be Inserted to folds in bags and shirts.
Tiny 37 Hours –
1.4 GT – 005
GT – 008
Digital recorder SM – M
BA small original voice recorder, for recording on a swappable memory card, up to 4 GB. For example, can record up to 18 hours on a 128 MB card, Works with rechargeable batter that sufficient for 50 hours of recording! 
Tiny 37 Hours –
Tiny 75 Hours -
1.5 GT – 003
GT – 004
DVR Model B22
This is the smallest model in the Tiny tamely, Only 6 X 25 X 31 mm in size. Providing up to 300 hours of recording, depending on the bullet – in memory volume and selected quality settings, The recorder is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. The small size of the device does not affect the high recording quality.
Tiny 150 Hours –
Tiny 300 Hours -
1.6 GT – 034
Digital Voice Recorder
Mini voice recorder only 29 X 12 X 15 mm in size! Battery life: 150 / 300 / 600 / 1200 hours for regular record / 10 days in voice activated mode. We also supply a unglue key chain for concealing.  
Tiny 150 Hours -
1.7 GT – 011
Digital Voice Recorder Pen
A stylish pen that can record up to 71 hours! Transferring information using a USB cable. No software needed! The file on the pen can be heard immediately using head phones straight from the pen!
1.8 GT – 007
Digital Voice Recorder – Disk in key – 1 GB
A unique device that enables easy and simple recording on a Disk on key – USB keychain, Only one discreet button operates this smart device, and downloading the file to a PC is extremely easy, and only requires connecting the device to the USB port like any other Disk On key! No software needed.
1.9 GT – 027
Stereo Recording wallet
A standard, innocent looking wallet, it can be opened and still nothing is noticeable, but this is in fact a unique, high quality stereophonic audio system. The wallet contains 2 enhanced “Knowles” microphones, Installed on opposite sides of the wallet, which enable at the same intensity and clarity.
Operating the wallet is quick, using a small on / off switch and downloading the files to a P.C is easy using a standard USB cable. The internal, rechargeable battery is sufficient for 11 hours of work, and the memory of the recorder can contain up to 83 hours of recording.
1.10 GT – 026
Digital Telecom
This system combines software and hardware in order to record conversations on your PC. Enables recording phone conversations and recorded messages directly to e-mail account, can record a digital recoding to the computer in OGG, MP3 or WAVE format. Can save the phone conversations automatically with conversations Date, hour, Duration, and the name of the user.  
1.11 GT – 020
Travel charger voice recorder
Support memory : 1 GB
Battery : Built – in 160 MAH LI – battery
PC interface  : USB 2.0 ( USB 1.1 compatible)
Recording format : WAV (32 kbps)
Recording Time : 10 hours continuous recording
MIC sensitivity : 36dB
Total storage of recording : 71 hours ( 1 GB)
Output : Play via computer
System Requirements
Windows ME / 2000 / XP / Vista, MAC 10 X or above
2. GSM Transmitters
2.1 GE – 001
Simple and smart device that makes listing easy. All it takes inserting a SIM card to the device, then leave it anywhere you would like it to be. When you want to hear you only have to call the phone number of the SIM CARD, from anywhere on the globe, and hear everything around the device, Great to use at home, In the office and in the car.
GSM Voice Active / Sock Monitoring Module
Built in shock alert active function will call and send SMS when detect shock alert, Voice active monitoring, when detect voice level higher then voice setting sensitivity, the module higher then voice setting sensitivity, the module will send SMS and making call automatically.
3. Interception Systems
3.1 GE – 006
Concrete Wall Contact Microphone
A professional listening – through – wall system, to penetrate walls of all sizes, You simply attach the mace to the wall and listen through the earpiece. Another output on the devices is aimed for tape - recording in case you wish to record the conversation. The system has a true amplifying ability, The listener feels as he himself is amplify sound and vibrations from any hard surface.  
3.2 GE – 007
Plaster Wall Contact Microphone
Enables monitoring conversations in another room remotely. Once you set a microphone head in the targeted room you can just lay the cable from there to the room you are in. The device does not use radio ware so it is hard to find it when using a detector. The device includes a very small electrostatic microphone and a built – in speaker.
3.3 GE – 008
Parabolic Plate
These easy to use parabolic microphones are the best in performance, and reliability. Two different modes are available, each one in two different versions will perfectly suit and satisfy, remote listing needs. These are considered the best cost – effective solution.
3.4 GE – 003
Long Range Laser Microphone
 Thanks to its unparalleled features, the LASER MIC is able to pick up room audio from a distance (up to 1 mile!) without even entering the target room: by demodulating the transmitter IR laser beam bouncing from the target window, this equipment can receive and subsequently convert into electronic signals the slight window pane vibrations caused by acoustic waves in the room (voice speech). Laser beam bouncing off the target window is then converted into electronic signals, then filtered, amplified and fed into a dedicated recording unit connected to its own amplifier with speaker / head phones: real time audio monitoring and recording are possible at the very same time.
3.5 GE – 023
Dominator – GSM Interception system
The Dominator is Designed for off – air interception for cellular communication in GSM networks, It intercepts and records all outgoing and incoming calls, voice and SMS to and from the target by using an active system that captures it is active, it is not detectable! User friendly operation with support for all frequency bands and total transparent and undetectable by the operator and the subscriber.
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